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Frequently Asked Questions

How to does it work?

฿ is managed by a network of Binance and 3Commas Autotrading Accounts.

We are a growing team based in the vibrant city of Cambridge - United Kingdom.

The intuitive system will guide you in the process.

Do you get a signup bonus and can you make profit for free ?

Yes, 0.0002 signup bonus + 20% of your first deposit bonus goes to your account.

You also get 0.0000045 bitcoin for every referral signup and your referral gets the 0.0002 signup bonus.

How to create an account?

Click - create account, complete the registration form and verify your email.

You must verify your email for full system privileges, check your spam folder.

Which payment methods do you accept?

Bitcoin -  Click deposit and follow the instructions.

I want to reinvest the funds received, is it possible?

Yes, you can have multiple active investment plans.


Withdrawals to your external wallet are processed and sent every Friday ( min - 0.0025 / max - 0.10 ) per transaction.

You will need to setup your bitcoin withdraw address in the settings to receive payment.

Do you have an referral reward system ?

0.0000045 reward to your account for every new referral that joins from your link.

20% commission for a referrals active investment plan is rewarded.

Affiliates that have multiple active referrals get higher rewards.

You can withdraw your rewards in bitcoin to your external wallet or re-invest in a plan.

Social Media Marketers - Revenue share rewards. Contact Us.

Will there be new features being added to the system in the future?

Yes, there are many new features being developed and will be implemented over the next few months.